Choosing Relics is arguably the most important and difficult item decision in Legion. Below you will find the relic traits ranked. The number next to the trait corresponds to the iLvl value.

gray_hound#4968 on discord has created a comprehensive spreadsheet with relic drop locations and rankings


  1. Master Assassin: (16) Vendetta CD reduction
  2. Gushing Wound: (15) Rupture damage increase.
  3. Serrated Edge: (12) Rupture crit increase.
  4. Toxic Blades: (12)

Note: 3 Master Assassin relics currently beat out any other combo of relics by a fair amount. This has changed with 7.1.5 and may no longer be true


  1. Fatebringer: (44) Finishing move energy cost.
  2. Fate's Thirst: (42) Run Through damage increase.
  3. Fortune's Boon: (30) Adrenaline Rush CD reduction
  4. Fortune Strike: (29)


  1. Energetic stabbing: (37) Shadowstrike and Cheap Shot energy refund.
  2. Gutripper: (25) Eviscerate crit chance.
  3. Demon's Kiss: (25) Nightblade damage increase.
  4. Fortune's Bite: (16) Shadow Techniques