For any questions or tweak requests, all WA creators can be found on the Ravenholdt Discord:
All creator’s Discord usernames are included if possible
Thanks to the Ravenholdt Mods/Admins for the creation and collection


Exorsus Rogue Nurse all 3 specs (@frozenSoviet#7469)

Riff’s (@Riff4390):

GrayHound’s for all 3 specs (@grayhound4968) :

Felrage: These are generic, but a good starting point and easy to customize to your liking.

Lorentz's for all specs( @Lorentz7258 ) : Link


Tykho’s Sub All-in-one (@Tykho7970) :

  • Pandemic duration (when SoD/NB icon is solid)
  • Reapplication notification (when icon is bouncing)
  • Tracks all useful cooldowns
  • Tracks Shadow Dance duration, charges/cooldown until next charge
  • Combo Points and energy bar
  • Finality notifications

Deimos Shadow Technique Tracker:



Mich (@Mich8049): * Roll the Bones: * Resize RTB set to make text visible if it isn’t * Rest of Outlaw: